25kW Biotec Installation

Lothian Renewables have just commissioned this 25kW biomass installation in an old stone built farmhouse the Scottish Borders just outside Earlston. After evaluating a number of quotations the customers accepted the design to install a Biotec TLM BMW pellet boiler to replace the existing oil fired unit.

The process began with a detailed site survey to ascertain the building heat loss and customer heating requirements together with available space for the installation and pellet storage. Details such as supplying a factory painted flue system to match the colour of the house were also agreed at an early stage.

The Biotec boiler was specified due to its reliability and high efficiency achieved due to its Duel Combustion Control, DCC, where the boiler controls and constantly monitors both primary combustion air and also secondary air, thus maximising the efficiency of converting the energy in the fuel into heat, a unique feature of this boiler. Another benefit to the customer is the large hopper and automatic boiler cleaning.

The design incorporates an 800l highly insulated buffer tank, an essential part of a system of this size with between 15% and 30% fuel savings compared to a system with no buffer, and weather compensation control on the radiator circuit to maximise comfort levels and fuel efficiency. The buffer delivers heat to the house via a 20m underground pipe work manufactured by Rehau specifically for heat network distribution.

Lothian Renewables have been asked to install a bulk store and vacuum delivery system during the summer to allow the customer to benefit from the reduced purchase price of bulk delivery of pellets and negate any manual handling of pellets, a Schellinger pellet mole system has been specified.


Customer feedback;

Lothian Renewables have met all the best criteria in the installation of our biomass heating system. Excellent initial planning, innovative ideas & very good technical advice lead to a competitive quote. Installation was smooth with excellent workmanship & post installation back up. Lothian Renewables have given us a very professional & friendly service & they are highly recommended’








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