RHIP Payments increased by 100%

Gov PicThe Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has announced that payments for the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) scheme have been significantly increased as of today.

Eligible technologies under the RHPP will receive the following revised payments with new ‘money-off vouchers’:

  • Solar thermal: £600
  • Ground source heat pumps: £2,300
  • Air source heat pumps: £1,300
  • Biomass boilers: £2,000

However, in order for householders to claim the increased money-off vouchers a Green Deal assessment must be undertaken on the property before the claim is submitted to the Energy Saving Trust. DECC hopes that the move will encourage homeowners to evaluate how energy efficiency improvements could bolster their renewable heat installation.

The revised money-off vouchers are intended to help with the cost of a Green Deal assessment as well as the cost of having the renewable heat measures installed.  

Commenting on the introduction of the vouchers, energy minister Greg Barker said that he wanted to kickstart the renewable heat market, adding: “This time-limited, big increase in the value of vouchers for hardworking people who want to do something positive to install money saving green heating in their homes, should be a real boost for this growing green sector.”


The upfront RHIP payment will be recovered from any payments received from the RHI scheme during its duration, the mechanism for this will be detailed in the RHI scheme due to be published this summer.


Further information from DECC can be accessed  here. Information from the Energy Savings Trust including access to the online RHIP application can be accessed here.

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