Domestic RHI Latest News

Lothian Renewables attended a presentation by Patrice Allcorn, the head of scheme design for the domestic RHI at the Department of Energy and Climate Change DECC, at the recent opening of Wolseley’s new Falkirk training centre.

It was evident from the presentation that a huge amount of work has been going on behind the scenes at DECC prior to the spring launch of the scheme. There was also universal agreement from all the other presentations of the importance of the RHI’s contribution to the UK’s carbon dioxide emission reduction targets and the opportunity the renewable heat technologies will offer householders to reduce their heating bills.

Mr Allcorn explained that the mechanism for signing onto the scheme would be via a very straightforward web based form with conformation of acceptance being returned within an hour; details of the installation MCS and EPC certificates being required for registration. Equipment service records will be subject to random audits. For customers in the west of Scotland there will be an exemption from cavity wall insulation. For customers installing biomass or a heat pump in conjunction with solar thermal will receive the additional RHI payment benefit of effectively being paid twice for the hot water element of the RHI.

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